Matt's Son Nolan Another Young Ham Operator at Age 10
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Youngest Ham Radio Operator in at Least 1990 at Age 6

Matt's Son Nolan Another Young Ham Operator at Age 10


One Proud Guy!

On another page, I've talked about how our son Matt obtained his ham license at the early age of 6 years and 10 months.  Now we get to brag again...this time about his son Nolan.

In late February 2017, my wife Linda and I were priviledged to stay at Matt's house and take care of their kids for a week, so Matt and his wife could take a vacation.  One morning, as we waited in the car line at the elementary school,  Matt's son Nolan, pointed to my ham radio in the car, and asked if he could talk to someone.  I said, "Yes", and in a couple of minutes, he was talking to "Gary".  Each morning after, he wanted to talk to someone again.  One thing Gary mentioned was that a ham radio class was starting in Danville, Indiana, and maybe he should attend.  Nolan wanted to go, and his parents agreed, and I started taking him to the classes.  On June 4, 2017, Nolan passed his test for a Technician Class amateur radio license, and the Federal Communications Comission issued him the call sign of KD9ITN. In our discussions about amateur radio, Nolan asked how his dad came to have his current call sign of K9MRW.  I explained that if a call sign is currently not being used, you can peitition the FCC to give it to you, if you meet other qualifications.  In this case, Matt's initials are MRW.  K9MRW was available, and the FCC agreed to let him have it for his call sign.  Nolan asked if his initials were available, which are NMW.  A quick check of the FCC's database showed that it was not currently assigned to anyone.  As a result, as soon as the FCC issued him KD9ITN, he asked me to petition them to change it to K9NMW.  We did, and on June 30, 2017, the FCC changed his call sign to K9NMW.

His age on June 4, 2017?  10 years and 2.5 months!! 

For those of you not familiar with ham or amateur radio, please note that this is quite an accomplishment...especially for one so young.  To get a license, you must STUDY!!!  You must sit before 3 examiners and take and pass a written test approved by the Federal Communications Commission.  This test includes questions on radio and electronic theory, normal and emergency operating procedures, propagation, safety, and FCC rules and regulations, to name just a few topics.  These tests are not easy...even for adults (and many give up)...let alone for a 6 and a 10 year old, as with our son and grandson.  My hat is off to you, Nolan!!  You have accomplished much already!!!


The picture below is Nolan holding his Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam immediately after passing the test...