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PLEASE NOTE:  Due to a close lightning strike on 7/19/2020, my weather station is off-line.  At this time, I don't know when it will return.

Please keep checking.

This site is being used primarily as a way to see Indianapolis weather data for the south side of Indianapolis. Our location is 1607 Blankenship Drive, which is near the southwest corner of Southport Road and Harding Street. If you are looking at this website with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in mind, IMS is approximately 7 miles north of this location. We also will be using this website to promote another of my hobbies, which I think is also important, and can...and does...benefit others. If we prompt questions on either amateur radio or weather, or if you become interested in either as a result of your visit here, then GREAT!! Let me know if I can answer questions or increase your interest.

What Is K9HL?
K9HL is my amateur (ham) radio call sign, as assigned by the Federal Communications Comission. K9HL is a unique identifier.  No one else on earth has the same call sign, and we use it to identify ourselves on the air and in other venues. For instance, I am a member of the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP), and K9HL is also used to identify my weather station.
What is on the Weather Page?

We have installed a professional-quality weather station at our house. Through a computer interface, the data from this station is being fed to this website as well as to the website, which automatically relays it on to NOAA, the National Weather Service, and to other subscribers.

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