Matt Wilson - Youngest Ham Radio Operator in at Least 1990
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Youngest Ham Radio Operator in at Least 1990 at Age 6

Matt's Son Nolan Another Young Ham Operator at Age 10


Got to Brag a Little About Our Son...

In March 1990 my wife, Linda, decided to join me as a ham radio operator, and she decided to attend a class being conducted by our local ham radio club to obtain her FCC license.  Our 6 year old son, Matt, told me he wanted to go to the class too, so I went along so I could take him out of class when he became bored.  The joke was on me, however, as BOTH were able to pass their written test and their Morse code test and obtain their licenses. 

Linda passed her Morse code and written test on the first try, and in May 1990 was issued the Novice Class call sign of KB9EUI.  Matt passed his Morse code test on the first try, with many extra characters to spare, and would have passed his written test too, had it not been for the way the examiner handled the test.  What I mean is: Since Matt could not yet read very well, the examiner had to read him the questions and the 4 possible answers to each question.  On at least 4 different questions, Matt immediately answered the question correctly after being given the question, however, the exminer felt it was his duty to read all 4 possible answers and then again ask Matt which answer was the correct answer by giving the examiner the letter for the correct answer.  Matt told him that he was having trouble remembering which letter went with each answer, but the examiner insisted on a letter instead of Matt giving him a detailed answer or just telling him to stop when he read the correct answer.  In every one of those 4 questions, Matt admitted that he just picked a letter out of the air and gave the wrong letter answer, as he couldn't remember what the correct letter was.  Had the examiner taken the first answer he gave after being given the question, he would have passed with 2 questions to spare.  In July 1990, Matt took the written test again, and passed without any problems, and was issued the call sign of KB9FLW. 

Being a proud parent, I wrote the Federal Communications Commission and asked them how Matt ranked as being the youngest-ever ham.  In their response, they said they didn't keep such records, but in a quick poll they conducted of the Washington FCC office, they could only remember one ham being younger, and that was a 5 year old in the 1970s.

Matt's date of birth is 11/4/1983.  His initial effective date of his KB9FLW Novice license was 9/4/1990.  His Technician Plus call sign is now K9MRW.

Newspaper Article from 12/6/1990

More Readable Copy

A Copy of Matt's Original License